Tuesdays Curry Nite Fever!

Singing Wok is Making Tuesdays Great Again. It's majorly huge!

Let me tell you every Tuesday when you order our big beautiful curry dishes online;

  • Chicken Curry  (phenomenal)

  • Beef Rendang (staggering)

  • Vegetable Curry (goofy)

You get to pick, wait for it, an absolutely FREE Snack which normally costs eleventy jillion dollars any other day of the week.

You get to choose from; Top of the Line Curry Puffs, Amazing Roti, Successful Satay, Sophisticated Spring Rolls, Unbelievable Wontons, Powerful Prawn Toast, Wacky Chicken Wingettes or the Supremely Sago Pudding. 

I've heard some people say this Tuesday Special is the work of a massive jenius.

Tell all your friends and neighbours about this brilliant deal.

Basically you're not going to see such an outstanding deal in the whole world. 

Believe me. Anyone who says otherwise are fake news.

I command you to come into Singing Wok on Toosday.

sweets - Sago Pudding_1020946 small.jpg